"Secrets Of The Dead Wood: Ancient Oaks Hold Key To New Life"

"Oaks are the elders of London’s Richmond Park. Some of them are 800 years old and have slumped, bulged and grown cavernous with age. By the time King Charles I visited in 1625 and turned a collection of medieval farms into the royal park we have today, they would have already been veteran trees."

Source: Guardian, 05/06/2021

Forest Offsets Actually Adding Millions of Tons of CO2 Into Atmosphere

"Along the coast of Northern California near the Oregon border, the cool, moist air off the Pacific sustains a strip of temperate rainforests. Soaring redwoods and Douglas firs dominate these thick, wet woodlands, creating a canopy hundreds of feet high. But if you travel inland the mix of trees gradually shifts."

Source: ProPublica/MIT, 05/03/2021

"Paris Climate Agreement Overlooks Wood Pellet Loophole"

"'This rule that was designed to prevent you from counting carbon twice has effectively become a rule in which no carbon is counted at all.'"

"With the U.S. back in the Paris Agreement, and with governments across the country evaluating how they can cut carbon emissions, a question remains about one contentious 'carbon neutral' energy source: wood pellets.

Source: EHN, 04/27/2021

"Regulators Rebuke PG&E For Neglect In Reducing Wildfire Risk"

"California regulators are stepping up their oversight of Pacific Gas & Electric after finding that the nation’s largest utility has neglected the maintenance of an electrical grid that has ignited a series of deadly wildfires in Northern California and forced periodic blackouts affecting millions of people."

Source: AP, 04/16/2021

California Unveils Sweeping Wildfire Prevention Plan Amid Record Losses

"After the worst fire season in California history and as drought conditions raise fears of what’s to come, Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders unveiled a $536-million proposal Thursday to boost efforts at firefighting and a variety of prevention measures, including vegetation management and the construction of fire-resistant structures across the state."

Source: LA Times, 04/12/2021


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