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"Coastal States Link Arms to Oppose Trump Offshore Drilling Plan"

"State lawmakers from nine states introduced bills Jan. 8 aimed at blocking oil and gas drilling off their coasts, and a group of House Democrats meanwhile unveiled measures that would ban drilling in federal waters off much of the country."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 01/09/2019

Climate Change Issue Will Heat Up in 2019

The topic of climate change will certainly heat up in 2019. That’s not just because a Democratic House will push back against the Trump administration, but also because of pressure from a “Green New Deal” clean-energy jobs movement, not to mention ongoing legal action, and corporate and state-level moves to limit carbon emissions. This special edition TipSheet explores the fault lines on climate in the year ahead.

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"Trump Is Giving Oil Industry a Bye in Shutdown, Critics Allege"

"The partial U.S. government shutdown has docked fishing boats in Alaska, delayed public meetings on a proposed wind farm off the Massachusetts coast and blocked pharmaceutical companies from seeking approval for new drugs. But the Trump administration is working overtime to make sure the shutdown doesn’t halt oil drilling too -- in ways critics say may flout federal law."

Source: Bloomberg, 01/08/2019

"Democrats Balk At Trump Plan To Keep Parks Open With Entrance Fees"

"Democrats in Congress are demanding answers about a plan by the Trump administration to use visitor fees toward the operation of popular national parks during the partial government shutdown, claiming that the move could be illegal."

Source: Washington Post, 01/08/2019

Court Orders EPA To Release Wheeler’s Contacts With Outside Groups

"A federal judge has ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to release tens of thousands of emails and other documents involving the agency’s top-level political appointees — including acting chief Andrew Wheeler — in a move activists hope will clarify how industry interests may be influencing their decisions."

Source: Washington Post, 01/08/2019

Lead Poisoning Stunts Cleveland Students’ Learning While Leaders Fail

"In recent years, thousands of children started kindergarten in Cleveland public schools already poisoned by lead, which threatens their chances to achieve and poses steep challenges for the district charged with educating them."

Source: Cleveland Plain Dealer, 01/07/2019


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