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Methane and Climate Change Toolbox

Levels of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, have doubled in the past 150 years due to human activity, particularly from fossil fuels and extensive farming. As part of an ongoing Society of Environmental Journalists special project focused on covering climate solutions, check out a methane resource toolbox and stay tuned for a methane reporting tipsheet in the coming weeks. Plus, watch the recording of an SEJ virtual webinar, Covering Climate Solutions: Containing and Monitoring Methane.

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September 13, 2022

Interview a Scientist – Plastic Recycling

Reporters can book a 15-min interview with a plastic recycling expert from UC Berkeley, between 1:00-2:30 p.m. ET, on why some jurisdictions have suspended their recycling programs; what research says about the potential implications of state-level recycling legislation; impacts of single-use plastics; and more.

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"States Ride Shotgun With California to Rev Up Clean Cars Rules"

"Nearly one-third of states are poised to adopt California’s new clean cars rule to fully phase out new gas-powered vehicle sales by 2035. The change could have a sweeping impact on the 17 states signed onto California’s vehicle standards and the car market across the country. In total, those states make up roughly 40% of nationwide auto sales."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 09/02/2022

Leak Of Dangerous Chlorine Shows Gaps In La. Monitoring Of Chemical Plants

"Six days after a state Senate panel killed legislation that would have required real-time air monitoring along the edges of major Louisiana industrial facilities, an Olin Chemical subsidiary had a significant chlorine gas leak that sickened 39 people."

Source: Baton Rouge Advocate, 09/01/2022

"Nuclear Fuel for Advanced Reactors Spurred by Climate Bill Funds"

"The Biden administration’s efforts to develop a more energy-dense nuclear fuel got a sudden $700 million windfall in the climate-and-tax bill signed into law this month, a boost for the agency’s plans to demonstrate two next-generation reactors before the end of the decade, energy officials and nuclear supporters said."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 09/01/2022


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