"Foes Wage Attacks As Biden Rolls Out Power Plant Rules"

"The Biden administration hopes its new rules will withstand an onslaught of legal and political opposition."

"You’d be forgiven if you felt déjà vu Thursday as the Biden administration held a back-slapping event in Washington to roll out its final rules to clamp down on power plants’ greenhouse gas emissions.

President Joe Biden is now the third consecutive president to take a crack at doing so, and he’s hoping his version will be the one that survives after courts struck down his predecessors’ attempts.

But critics in Congress and in the power industry announced legal and political attacks as soon as the rules were announced, ensuring bitter battles ahead on Capitol Hill and in the courts."

Robin Bravender and Jean Chemnick report for E&E News April 25, 2024.


"Explainer: New EPA Power Sector Rules Set Up Likely Legal Clashes" (Reuters)

Source: E&E News, 04/26/2024