"White House Unveils Plan To Accelerate Power Grid Expansion"

"DOE created a one-stop shop for permitting, helping transmission developers avoid the regulatory patchwork that has tripped up projects."

"The Biden administration launched initiatives Thursday designed to boost the nation’s electric grid infrastructure, including a final rule to streamline permitting and approval of large transmission projects.

The Department of Energy created a one-stop shop for federal permitting, helping transmission developers avoid the lengthy patchwork of regulatory approvals that has slowed major projects. The program makes the department the lead agency in permitting and finalizes a yearslong, multiadministration effort to coordinate the work of at least nine agencies with a hand in permitting power lines.

The program sets deadlines meant to complete the authorization process inside of two years.

The move also comes as Congress remains deadlocked over how far to go to streamline permitting and enable the delivery of vast amounts of wind and solar power across regions — a core requirement for meeting President Joe Biden’s goal of a nearly carbon pollution-free electricity system by 2035."

Jason Plautz and Peter Behr report for E&E News April 25, 2024.


"Energy Dept. Aims to Speed Up Permits for Power Lines" (New York Times)

Source: E&E News, 04/26/2024