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"Luring More Women To Fishing In The Upper Great Lakes"

"The percentage of Americans who fish is in decline and that decline has had an impact on conservation projects, because hunting and fishing licenses help fund everything from habitat restoration to clean water programs. So there are efforts to lure more anglers to the sport — and those efforts seem to be working, as more and more young women are taking up fishing."

Source: NPR, 11/12/2018

City Tests Confirm Some Chicago Homes With Meters Have Lead In Tap Water

"City testing of Chicago homes with water meters found nearly 1 in 5 sampled had brain-damaging lead in their tap water, but Mayor Rahm Emanuel's water commissioner acknowledged Thursday that the city continued installing new meters after learning about the alarming results in June."

Source: Chicago Tribune, 11/12/2018

Environment Issues Figure in Many 2018 Mid-Term Races, Ballots

Climate, environment and energy issues figure prominently in the upcoming Nov. 6 elections, whether in individual races, ballot measures or significant power shifts. This week’s TipSheet provides starting points to track relevant races, and runs down 11 big environmental ballots, ranging from measures like a carbon tax in Washington state and drilling ban in Florida, to tight congressional races in California, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Carolina and Virginia.

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As Climate Struggle Gets Real, Cities Stand on Front Line

When it comes to facing the risks of coming climate change, cities and states are leading the way for the United States. That means planning for future emissions reductions, as well as preparing for probable impacts. This week’s TipSheet has the story, with details on which local governments are acting and resources to find more, plus ten key questions to ask.

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Incinerators Offer Local Journalists Some Burning Issues

Incinerators — there may be fewer of them these days, but it’s likely there’s still one near you and it’s probably polluting the air. How a cheap method to make garbage go away now has become a problem of its own, one that often sparks debates over environmental justice. This week’s Tipsheet has a quick rundown on incinerator regulation, outlines key problem areas and offers resources for reporting your own local incinerator story.

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SEJ's 28th Annual Conference Coverage

#SEJ2018 in Flint, Michigan, hosted by the University of Michigan-Flint, took place Oct 3-7, 2018. Find multimedia coverage here (including audios of most sessions), peruse the agenda or read speaker bios.

If you attended the conference, please complete the survey to help us make next year's conference even better.

It's critically important to SEJ to gather evidence on the impact of our work. Please help us to keep SEJ strong and share links, photos, copies of reporting generated or informed by this conference. Send your story links to Cindy MacDonald, SEJ's Web content manager. Moderators, speakers, tour leaders: we also welcome resources, tipsheets, etc., from sessions or tours that you wish to share on our coverage page.

Image: Environmental Justice panel "Elevating and Improving Our Reporting on Environmental Justice Issues". © Dale Willman/SEJ.

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