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Track Wetlands Stories with National Inventory Tool

As a battle brews over which U.S. waters are protected, environmental journalists can use an invaluable national database to pinpoint vulnerable wetlands. This week’s TipSheet has more on the National Wetlands Inventory, the backstory on wetlands protection, why it matters, and reporting resources and story ideas.

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Global Warming Is Hitting Ocean Species Hardest, Including Food Fish

"Sea creatures, especially those that live in shallower water near the coasts, are much more vulnerable to global warming than land animals, new research shows. The scientists found that local populations of marine animals are disappearing at double the rate of land-based species."

Source: InsideClimate News, 04/29/2019
September 18, 2019

Underwater Sound Sources – 2019 Webinar Series

Discovery of Sound in the Sea presents a free, four-part webinar series on anthropogenic underwater sound sources. Topics include seismic sound sources, pile-driving, wind turbines, commercial vessel traffic, echosounders and sonar.


Is Your Favorite River Endangered? Check the List.

The latest release of the annual endangered rivers list provides boatloads of environmental reporting angles, including climate change-related threats like flooding and drought. This week’s TipSheet has the backstory and the new top-10 list, plus 10 suggested starting points for stories and a half-dozen key reporting resources.

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Styrofoam Container Bans May Be Trending

The first state ban on styrofoam food containers makes this a good time to see how things stand with styrofoam in your area, as the controversial plastic draws negative attention for overflowing landfills, causing litter and polluting waters. More, plus story ideas and reporting resources, in this week’s TipSheet.

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"Trump EPA Weighs Reviving Massive Mississippi Flood Project"

"As Mississippi’s governor toured massive flooding in the state, the Trump administration said Wednesday that it is giving another look to a long-dead flood control and drainage project in the Mississippi Delta that had been killed by the George W. Bush administration because of its potential impact on wetlands and wildlife."

Source: AP, 04/08/2019


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