"On the Move With Mongolia’s Nomadic Reindeer Herders"

"A morning mist filled the valley near Hatgal, a small village at the southern tip of Lake Khovsgol in north central Mongolia. Glancing at the figures between the fragrant pines and larches, I could hardly distinguish the silhouettes of the reindeer from those of their herders."

Source: NYTimes, 08/25/2021

"Biden Backs End To Wolf Protections But Hunting Worries Grow"

"President Joe Biden’s administration is sticking by the decision under former President Donald Trump to lift protections for gray wolves across most of the U.S. But a top federal wildlife official on Friday told The Associated Press there is growing concern over aggressive wolf hunting seasons adopted for the predators in the western Great Lakes and northern Rocky Mountains."

Source: AP, 08/23/2021

Pandemic Delay To UN Nature Summit Spurs Calls For Stronger Global Deal

"Governments should take advantage of the third postponement of a United Nations biodiversity summit tasked with striking a global deal to protect nature by boosting ambition and finance for conservation and restoration, environmentalists said Thursday."

Source: Thomson Reuters Fdn., 08/20/2021

Culture: How Loss Of Animals’ Shared Knowledge Threatens Their Survival

"At the peak of the whaling industry, in the late 1800s, North Atlantic right whales were slaughtered in their thousands. With each carcass hauled on to the deck, whalers were taking more than just bones and flesh out of the ocean. The slaughtered whales had unique memories of feeding grounds, hunting techniques and communication styles; knowledge acquired over centuries, passed down through the generations, and shared between peers. The critically endangered whale clings on, but much of the species’ cultural knowledge is now extinct."

Source: Guardian, 08/16/2021

"Lawsuit: US Withholding Wildfire Fuel Break Information"

"Conservationists are accusing federal land managers of illegally withholding information about environmental assessments used to justify plans to create fuel breaks to slow wildfires by clearing forests and shrubs across six western states with little if any public oversight."

Source: AP, 08/13/2021


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