Seasonal Fishing Stories Reflect a Changing Environment

As fishing season begins in many parts of the United States, climate change and pollution can make the sport a, well, can of worms. For the latest TipSheet, though, that means insights and stories for environmental journalists. A thumbnail on key issues, with story ideas and reporting resources. Plus, for those going to #SEJ2023 Boise, famed fishing spots.

SEJ Publication Types: 

"In Pristine Alaska, an Oil Giant Prepares to Drill for Decades"

"Scientists say nations must stop new oil and gas projects to avoid climate catastrophe. But after the Biden administration greenlit the $8 billion Willow project, ConocoPhillips is racing ahead."

Source: NYTimes, 04/06/2023

"BLM Proposes Seismic Shift In Lands Management"

"The Bureau of Land Management unveiled a sweeping draft rule Thursday that would represent a fundamental shift in how the agency manages millions of acres of public lands that are under increasing threat from climate change, drought and wildfires."

Source: E&E News, 03/31/2023


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