"Seagrass Resurgence Offers Ray Of Hope For Florida’s Hard-Hit Manatees"

"The recovery of seagrass, the manatees’ favorite food, in Mosquito Lagoon means that an emergency hand-feeding program that has kept many of the starving aquatic animals alive over the last two winters can be discontinued, at least temporarily."

Source: Guardian, 01/05/2024

Colorado Releases First 5 Wolves In Reintroduction Plan Approved By Voters

"Somewhere on a remote mountainside in Colorado’s Rockies, a latch flipped on a crate and a wolf bounded out, heading toward the tree line. Then it stopped short. For a moment, the young female looked back at it’s audience of roughly 45 people who stared on in reverential silence. Then she disappeared into the forest."

Source: AP, 12/20/2023


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