Climate Change

"Trump Once Promised to Revive Coal. Now, He Rarely Mentions It."

"The first time Donald J. Trump ran for president, he slapped on a miner’s helmet and told coal workers they would be “winning, winning, winning” when he entered the White House. Now, as Mr. Trump campaigns for another chance at the presidency, he rarely mentions America’s coal miners and has stopped making grand promises about their future."

Source: NYTimes, 06/18/2024

"This Coal-Heavy Rural Co-Op Utility Is Buying Its First Solar Plants"

"Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, one of the largest rural cooperative utilities in the U.S., is bringing the energy transition home to its massive western service territory. It’s acquiring its first large-scale solar power plants as it prepares to shift away from its current dependence on coal power."

Source: Canary Media, 06/18/2024

Rep. Castor Urges OSHA To Speed Federal Heat Protections For Outdoor Workers

"Two months after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation preventing local governments from requiring heat protections for outdoors workers, Tampa Bay-area Democratic U.S. Rep. Kathy Castor is calling on the Biden administration to finalize federal workplace protections against heat-related injury and illness."

Source: States Newsroom, 06/18/2024

"73 Million People In The US Are Under Heat Alerts. Go Indoors And Hydrate"

"Nearly 73 million people in the United States were under extreme heat alerts Monday as a heat wave moved eastward, and the mid-Atlantic and New England were likely to see highs in the 90s as the week progresses. Excessive humidity will make it feel even more oppressive."

Source: AP, 06/18/2024

42 California Dams Need Repairs. But Newsom, Legislators Battle Over Funding

"Several dozen dams throughout California could store up to 107 billion more gallons of water if they underwent repairs to fix safety problems. But facing a staggering state deficit, Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed cutting funding for a dam repair grant program in half this year, while state legislators want the $50 million restored."

Source: CalMatters, 06/17/2024

Trump Rallies GOPers Against Biden Energy Policies, But Sidesteps IRA

"Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump delivered a campaign-style energy address during a day of meetings with congressional Republicans on Thursday, hitting on trademark themes like “drill baby drill” and pledging to reverse Biden administration policies he said hamper fossil fuel development and favor electric vehicles."

Source: Politico, 06/17/2024


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