Climate Change

Climate Scientist Mann Wants a Court to Affirm the Truth of His Science

"When Penn State climate scientist Michael Mann first threatened to sue two conservative bloggers and their publishers for defamation in 2012, they seemed to welcome the opportunity for a face-off in court."

Source: Inside Climate News, 02/08/2021

Climate Melting of Glacier Threatens To Flood Peruvian City

"A lawsuit is leaning on the new research that found a global warming fingerprint on the melting glacier threatening to send an outburst flood into Huaraz, Peru."

"Not all of the water from the planet’s melting glaciers is pouring into rivers and oceans. A surprising amount is building up behind unstable piles of rubble left behind by the retreating ice. As the Earth continues to warm, the swelling lakes threaten to burst through the glacial moraines holding them back and wash away the forests, towns and farms below.

Source: Inside Climate News, 02/05/2021


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