Climate Change

September 15, 2021

Countdown to COP26: What’s at Stake?

To help news coverage convey what’s at stake with the upcoming UN climate summit (COP26), Covering Climate Now and Climate Central are holding a series of briefings, for journalists only. The first briefing will provide background on the most relevant science, politics, justice and solutions issues. Noon-1:00 p.m. ET.


Lawsuits Over ‘Misleading’ Food Labels Surge as Groups Cite Lax Oversight

"Shoppers drawn to sustainable, humanely raised meat and dairy products could be forgiven for thinking the nation’s big food companies have turned away from the industrial farming practices that have long dominated American agriculture." "A flurry of litigation by advocacy groups seeks to combat what they say is a rise in deceptive marketing by food giants."


Source: NYTimes, 09/08/2021

"Pope, Patriarch And Canterbury Abbot Issue Climate Appeal"

"The world’s top Christian leaders — Pope Francis, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the spiritual leader of Orthodox Christians — on Tuesday issued a joint appeal for delegates at the upcoming U.N. climate summit to “listen to the cry of the Earth” and make sacrifices to save the planet."

Source: AP, 09/08/2021

Sheltering Inside May Not Protect You From The Dangers Of Wildfire Smoke

"When wildfire smoke descends over a city or town, as it does increasingly often for tens of millions of people in the American West, public health officials have a simple message: Go inside, shut doors and windows. Limit outdoor activities. New research shows that may not be enough to protect a person's health."

Source: NPR, 09/08/2021

"Calling ‘Code Red’ on Climate, Biden Pushes for Infrastructure Plan"

"President Biden warned Americans on Tuesday that Hurricane Ida’s lethal destruction was the sure sign of a nation and world “in peril” from climate change and said drastic action would be needed to prevent extreme weather patterns from worsening."

Source: NYTimes, 09/08/2021


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