Climate Change

"These Biden Rules Could Be Trashed By Trump"

"Some priority regs — including climate standards for existing gas-fired power plants, curbs on lead and copper in drinking water, and heat protections for workers — could be doomed."

Source: E&E News, 07/11/2024

"Record Heat Engulfs Both U.S. Coasts"

"A record-breaking heat wave across the Western U.S. that’s been checking all the key boxes — intensity, duration, and geographic spread — may just be the opening scene of the worst kind of summer blockbuster, one that’s spreading nationwide."

Source: Yale Climate Connections, 07/10/2024

Border Town Firefighters Scramble To Save Migrants From Extreme Summer Heat

It’s a relatively quiet — and hot — afternoon at Sunland Park’s Fire Department Station 1. ... Suddenly, a loud radio call blasts through the station’s speakers. ... Four firefighters rush to get ready, which includes loading ice into a cooler. The ice is essential — it's used to lower the body temperature of someone in distress from extreme heat."

Source: NPR, 07/09/2024


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