Climate Change

Will Taxpayers Bear Cost Of Cleaning Up America’s Abandoned Oil Wells?

"Oil and gas companies have a century-old bad habit of drilling wells and ditching them. And while Congress finally has a plan to plug some abandoned wells, new proposals effectively pass the fossil fuel industry’s cleanup costs on to taxpayers and may even enable more drilling."

Source: Guardian, 09/22/2021

"China Pledges to Stop Building Coal-Burning Power Plants Abroad"

"In a move designed to bolster Beijing’s climate credentials, President Xi Jinping of China said Tuesday that his country would stop building coal-burning power plants overseas, ending its support for construction projects that rely on the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel."

Source: NYTimes, 09/22/2021

Powerful Democrat Linked to Fossil Fuels Will Craft U.S. Climate Plan

"Joe Manchin, the powerful West Virginia Democrat who chairs the Senate energy panel and earned half a million dollars last year from coal production, is preparing to remake President Biden’s climate legislation in a way that tosses a lifeline to the fossil fuel industry — despite urgent calls from scientists that countries need to quickly pivot away from coal, gas and oil to avoid a climate catastrophe."

Source: NYTimes, 09/21/2021

U.N. Chief, UK PM Increase Pressure On Leaders For Climate Change Funds

"UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged leaders of the world's major economies including the United States to deliver on their commitments toward a $100 billion per year climate fund with less than six weeks to go before a U.N. climate summit."

Source: Reuters, 09/21/2021

"Canadians Have Re-Elected A Liberal Minority Government"

"Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has won enough seats in this 44th general election to form another minority government — with voters signalling Monday they trust the incumbent to lead Canada through the next phase of the pandemic fight by handing him a third mandate with a strong plurality."

Source: CBC News, 09/21/2021

"Biden Confronts Extreme Heat, A Silent Climate Killer"

"President Biden launched a government-wide strategy Monday to combat extreme heat, including the development of new federal labor standards aimed at protecting workers from the impact of rising temperatures linked to climate change."

Source: Washington Post, 09/21/2021
September 28, 2021

Planet on the Brink: Documenting the Climate Crisis and Global Environmental Change

This virtual course (eight Tuesdays beginning Sep 28), offered via the Social Documentary Network, is for photographers who are passionate about documenting our changing planet during these unprecedented times and want to use photography as a tool to drive social change. Instructor is Michael O. Snyder, recipient of Decade of Change Award, British Journal of Photography.



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