Climate Change

GAO Safety Review of USFS Prescribed Fires Finds Gaps In Key Areas

"Two years after the U.S. Forest Service sparked what would become the largest and most destructive wildfire in New Mexico’s recorded history, independent investigators say there are gaps that need to be addressed if the agency is to be successful at using prescribed fire as a tool to reduce risk amid climate change."

Source: AP, 07/09/2024

Will the Coming Plastics Treaty Solve the Problem Or Enshrine It?

A major intergovernmental gathering later this year will address plastic pollution, including in oceans. But an overview from our Issue Backgrounder notes that the likelihood of solving the problem may be small. One reason? Petrochemical industry lobbying. Another? The shifting world market for plastic waste. And there are more concerns, such as the effectiveness of incineration and chemical recycling techniques. More, including questions to ask, in Backgrounder.

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Failed Minnesota Dam One of Nearly 200 Across Midwest in ‘Poor’ Condition

"Especially in the Midwest, climate change presents a growing threat to the nation’s nearly 92,000 dams, many more than 100 years old, as heavy rainfall, flooding and other forms of extreme weather become more common and severe."

Source: Inside Climate News, 07/08/2024


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