Climate Change

"Study Warns of Cascading Health Risks From the Changing Climate"

"Crop yields are declining. Tropical diseases like dengue fever are showing up in unfamiliar places, including in the United States. Tens of millions of people are exposed to extreme heat. These are the stark findings of a wide-ranging scientific report that lays out the growing risks of climate change for human health and predicts that cascading hazards could soon face millions more people in rich and poor countries around the world."

Source: NY Times, 11/29/2018

Nations Vowed To Cut Carbon Emissions. They Aren’t Even Close, UN Says

"On the eve of the most important global climate meeting in years, a definitive United Nations report has found that the world is well off course on its promises to cut greenhouse gas emissions — and may have even further to go than previously thought."

Source: Washington Post, 11/28/2018


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