"Hudson PCBs Harming River Mink Populations"

"A small, brownish weasel that spends much of its life in the water, hunting for fish and frogs, the American mink is a signal for the ecological health of where it lives. Right now, the mink is not doing very well along the Hudson River, largely due to decades of PCB pollution ... ."

Source: Albany Times Union, 11/02/2018

More Tests Finds Weedkiller Widespread In Popular Cereals, Snack Bars

"Glyphosate is in a bunch of popular cereals and oatmeals—but at levels below federal health standards. Experts say it's difficult to estimate risk from the levels found but the report is still worrisome since children are consistently exposed."

Source: EHN, 10/26/2018

EPA Continues to Approve Toxic PFAS Chemicals Despite Wide Contamination

"Even as the Environmental Protection Agency has been trumpeting its efforts to find and clean up contamination from industrial chemicals known as PFAS, it has been allowing new chemicals in this class to enter into commerce, according to data from the agency."

Source: The Intercept, 10/26/2018


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