CA Exide Battery Recycling Plant Left Big Toxic Mess. Could It Walk Away?

"For decades, families across a swath of southeast Los Angeles County have lived in an environmental disaster zone, their kids playing in yards polluted with brain-damaging lead while they wait on a state agency to remove contaminated soil from thousands of homes. Now, the cleanup faces even greater uncertainty."

Source: LA Times, 10/12/2020

"Forests: Concerns Grow About Herbicide Use In Wildfires' Wake"

"First, the wildfires came to California and Oregon, scorching hundreds of thousands of acres of national forests. Next, weeds will sprout on those blackened lands. They'll be followed quickly by chemical weedkillers like glyphosate, as the Forest Service tries to make trees grow again."

Source: E&E News, 10/09/2020

EPA Finalizes Rule Letting Some Big Polluters Follow Weaker Standards

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Thursday finalized a rule that could reclassify many “major” sources of pollution as minor ones, allowing facilities to abide by less-stringent emissions standards for dangerous substances such as mercury, lead and arsenic."

Source: The Hill, 10/02/2020

"EPA Lets Two Toxic Chemicals Fall Into Regulatory ‘Black Hole’"

"The EPA has failed to regulate or review two fragrance ingredients considered to be among the most hazardous chemicals in production—and among those Congress directed the agency to address faster than any others."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 10/01/2020

"‘Super-Enzyme’ Speeds Up Breakdown of Plastic, Researchers Say"

"A new cocktail of enzymes that speeds up the degradation of plastic offers a step forward in finding a new form of recycling that is faster, is more affordable and works on a larger scale than current methods, British and American researchers said this week."

Source: NYTimes, 09/30/2020

"EPA Chief Trumpeting ‘Misleading’ Superfund Metrics, Critics Say"

"The EPA is touting the number of contaminated Superfund sites removed from its priority list—even as newly proposed sites and sites awaiting funding continue to pile up."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 09/30/2020

Lockheed Orlando Facility Accused Of Mishandling Toxic Chemicals In Suit

"Lockheed Martin Corp. facility in Orlando is accused of mishandling hazardous toxins, releasing contaminates into soil and groundwater, according to a personal and class-action lawsuit filed by the personal injury law firm Morgan and Morgan."

Source: ClickOrlando, 09/29/2020


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