Trump Fuel Economy Rollback Based On Misleading And Shoddy Calculations

"The Trump administration’s proposal to roll back fuel economy standards relies on an error-ridden and misleading analysis that overestimates the costs and understates the benefits of tighter regulation, an independent study by leading economists, engineers and other experts has found."

Source: LA Times, 12/10/2018

"Judge Lifts Gag Order On Details Of Anaconda Superfund Cleanup"

"A federal judge has lifted a gag order on the Anaconda Superfund cleanup. That means that after more than a decade of secrecy, Anaconda residents will soon be able to learn some details about the Superfund cleanup deal in the works for the Smelter City."

Source: Montana Public Radio, 12/07/2018

Supreme Court: Groundwater's Muddy Legal History Under Clean Water Act

"The Supreme Court has signaled its interest in a potentially game-changing debate over the scope of the Clean Water Act. The justices yesterday invited the Trump administration to weigh in on whether the law applies to pollutants that travel through groundwater before reaching surface water."

Source: Greenwire, 12/05/2018

In 2019, PFAS Chemicals Will Show Up in Drinking Water … and Headlines

The vast and widely used PFAS family of chemicals is causing serious worries across the country, as it turns up in more and more drinking water systems. Pressure to regulate it is also growing, but with mixed results. This week’s TipSheet offers a detailed look-ahead on this big, developing story, with a walk-through of the context, what the EPA is (and isn’t) doing, and why states are stepping up.

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