Court Won't Block Rule On La. Plant's Likely Cancer-Causing Emissions

"A federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., has refused to block a new federal rule requiring Denka Performance Elastomers to dramatically limit the release of chloroprene, a likely cancer-causing chemical, within 90 days or shut down its LaPlace plant."

Source: New Orleans Times-Picayune, 07/01/2024

"Here’s What the Court’s Chevron Ruling Could Mean in Everyday Terms"

"The Supreme Court’s decision on Friday to limit the broad regulatory authority of federal agencies could lead to the elimination or weakening of thousands of rules on the environment, health care, worker protection, food and drug safety, telecommunications, the financial sector and more."

Source: NYTimes, 07/01/2024

"Study Finds Small Streams, Recently Stripped of Protections, Are a Big Deal"

"Last year, the Supreme Court sharply restricted the federal government’s ability to limit pollution in small streams that sit dry for much of the year and fill up only after rainfall or snowmelt. Now, a new study finds that those bodies, so-called ephemeral streams, are significantly more important to the nation’s waterways than often appreciated."

Source: NYTimes, 06/28/2024

"Another Chemical Recycling Plant Closure Offers ‘Flashing Red Light’"

"For the second time this year, a chemical recycling plant built to turn waste into usable products has closed, casting further doubt on the viability of an upstart industry that has been plagued by financial and technical challenges in its effort to scale up."

Source: EHN, 06/28/2024

"CREW Files Bribery Complaint Against Trump Over Oil Industry Donations"

"The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has filed a criminal bribery complaint urging the Justice Department to investigate former President Trump’s solicitation of campaign donations from fossil fuel executives."

Source: The Hill, 06/26/2024

"Supreme Court Could Curb NEPA Reviews Next Term"

"The Supreme Court opened the door Monday to setting new limits for how agencies account for climate and environmental risks for new projects." "The case follows the court’s recent trend of picking up controversial environmental issues."

Source: E&E News, 06/26/2024

Railroad Erred In Burning Vinyl Chloride Cars In East Palestine: NTSB

"Norfolk Southern and its contractors botched the decision to blow open five vinyl chloride tank cars after last year’s disastrous derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, and trackside detectors that might have prevented the crash failed to accurately detect the temperature of a burning wheel bearing 20 miles (32.19 kilometers) beforehand, according to the National Transportation Safety Board."

Source: AP, 06/26/2024


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