"At U.N. Climate Summit, Few Commitments and U.S. Silence"

"UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations Climate Action Summit on Monday was meant to highlight concrete promises by presidents, prime ministers and corporate executives to wean the global economy from fossil fuels to avoid the worst effects of global warming. But despite the protests in the streets, China on Monday made no new promises to take stronger climate action. The United States, having vowed to pull out of the Paris Agreement, the pact among nations to jointly fight climate change, said nothing at all. A host of countries made only incremental promises."

Source: NY Times, 09/24/2019

Climate Strike NYC: Young Crowds Demand Action, Welcome Greta Thunberg

"They packed Foley Square and the streets around City Hall, and jammed the stairs leading out of nearby subway stations. They carried handmade signs like one that said, “There is no plan(et) B,” and chanted, “Sea levels are rising and so are we!” Later, they paraded out of the square, headed to another rally at Battery Park."

Source: NY Times, 09/23/2019

‘Worse Than Anyone Expected’: Air Travel Emissions Outpace Predictions

"Greenhouse gas emissions from commercial air travel are growing at a faster clip than predicted in previous, already dire, projections, according to new research — putting pressure on airline regulators to take stronger action as they prepare for a summit next week."

Source: NY Times, 09/20/2019
September 23, 2019

U.N. Climate Action Summit 2019

The United Nations Secretary-General is calling on all leaders to come to New York on September 23, 2019 with concrete, realistic plans to enhance their nationally determined contributions by 2020, in line with reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 45 per cent over the next decade, and to net zero emissions by 2050.

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"Fossil Fuel Execs To Hold Invite-Only Forum At UN Climate Summit"

"Oil and gas executives are holding an exclusive invitation-only forum with environmentalists and government representatives on the sidelines of the UN climate summit, in what critics have condemned as an attempt to influence negotiations in favour of fossil fuel companies."

Source: Guardian, 09/18/2019


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