"COP26: Surging Wood Pellet Industry Threatens Climate, Say Experts"

"A carbon accounting loophole in global climate change policy classifies burning woody biomass for energy as “carbon neutral,” and is accepted by the U.N. and many of the world’s nations. But scientists have proven otherwise, even as the forestry industry gets massive subsidies to produce millions of tons of wood pellets annually."

Source: Mongabay, 11/11/2021

"6 Automakers and 30 Countries Say They’ll Phase Out Gasoline Car Sales"

"At least six major automakers — including Ford, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors and Volvo — and 30 national governments pledged on Wednesday to work toward phasing out sales of new gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles by 2040 worldwide, and by 2035 in “leading markets.”"

Source: NYTimes, 11/11/2021

"Cop26 Draft Text Annotated: What It Says And What It Means"

"The draft text is the most important document that will emerge from the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow. Unlike the last major climate conference, in Paris in 2015, what emerges here will not be a new treaty, but a series of decisions and resolutions that build on the Paris accord."

Source: Guardian, 11/11/2021

"China and the United States Join in Seeking Emissions Cuts"

"As nearly 200 nations struggle over global climate negotiations, the world’s two biggest polluters sign an agreement, but it was short on details."

"GLASGOW — The United States and China announced a joint agreement Wednesday to “enhance ambition” on climate change, saying they would work together to do more to cut emissions this decade while China committed for the first time to reduce methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Source: NYTimes, 11/11/2021

Satellites Could Help Hold Countries To COP26 Emissions Promises

"On a recent day inside the sprawling conference center where United Nations climate talks are taking place, a small crowd gathered to hear a panel with an intriguing title: “The Space Race to Save the Planet.” ... [T]he event was about satellites and the promising ways that scientists are using them to track greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere."

Source: Washington Post, 11/10/2021

"Chinese-Owned Steel Mill Coats Serbian Town In Red Dust; Cancer Spreads"

"A few hundred meters from the huge furnaces of the Chinese-owned Smedrevo steel mill in central Serbia, the village of Radinac is covered in thick red dust. Cancer rates have quadrupled in under a decade, and residents want the plant to clean up or shut down."

Source: Reuters, 11/10/2021

"COP26 Climate Summit Draft Reveals Which Fights Remain"

"COP26 organizers released a preliminary draft early Wednesday of an agreement on how countries will work together to curb climate change. The language will evolve over the course of the final days of the conference, and it contains several provisions that are likely to be contentious."

Source: Washington Post, 11/10/2021

Criminal Groups Profit From Trafficking Of Plastic Waste: Report Says

"Americans like to think they are recycling their plastic takeout food containers, cutlery and flimsy grocery bags when they toss them into those green or blue bins. But, too often, that waste is shipped overseas, sometimes with the help of organized crime groups, where it litters cities, clogs waterways or is burned, filling the air with toxic chemicals."

Source: LA Times, 11/09/2021


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