DEADLINE: Fetisov Journalism Awards

Event Date: 
October 1, 2019

Russian philanthropist Gleb Fetisov has launched the Fetisov Journalism Awards. This new competition aims to promote universal human values such as honesty, justice, courage and nobility through the example of outstanding journalists from all over the world as their dedicated service and commitment contribute to changing the world for the better.

There are four categories: contribution to peace, contribution to civil rights, investigative reporting and environmental journalism. Materials must be published in printed media, posted on media websites or media outlets.

First, second and third place winners in each category will receive CHF100,000 (US$102,009), CHF20,000 (US$20,401) and CHF10,000 (US$10,200), respectively.

Applications must be submitted by representatives (members) of professional journalism organizations (unions/associations/societies). Nominations will be accepted until Oct. 1, 2019.

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