DEADLINE: Freelancer Wellness Grants

Event Date: 
November 2, 2022

As Fiverr and Freelancers Union kick off a new holiday: International Freelancer Day to be celebrated annually on October 19th, we’ve partnered to introduce our Freelancer Wellness Fund to aid freelancers and independent workers worldwide.

While being a freelancer comes with a ton of perks, we know there are also some challenges. We invite you to apply for a $500 microgrant that you can use towards wellness-related expenses. These grants serve as cash assistance towards, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • Mental wellness
  • Physical wellness
  • Social wellness including child daycare and other family-related expenses
  • Financial wellness including access to educational workshops and other resources

The Freelancer Wellness Fund does not focus on a freelancer’s business skills or their ability to sell, but rather on the freelancer as a whole person, supporting them in areas outside of their work.
Who is eligible for funding?

Freelancers and independent workers worldwide who are a part of either Fiverr or Freelancers Union's communities.

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