DEADLINE: Watchdog Writers Group Book Fellowship

Event Date: 
May 16, 2022

The Watchdog Writers Group (WWG) is a non-profit journalism institute that produces books and in-depth reporting, while also acting as a teaching lab to train the next generation of reporters.

WWG offers a $50,000 annual stipend, for up to two years, for journalists who are writing a book in the public interest. The non-residential fellowship program also pairs each fellow with a student at the Missouri School of Journalism, who will help conduct reporting for the book.

Here's how WWG works.

The Group was launched in early 2020 with a three-year, $1.1 million grant from the Schmidt Family Foundation. The WWG is also funded through the generous support of the William T. Kemper Foundation in Kansas City, Mo. Because it is based at the Missouri Journalism School, the WWG has access to world-class faculty and student reporters, making it a vitally important hub for print journalism and training in the heart of the Midwest.

Deadline is May 16, 2022. Apply here.

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