Transformational Media Summit

Event Date: 
September 27, 2012 to September 28, 2012

Transformational Media Summit, Sadlers Wells, London, UK on 27-28th September

How can media help create a better world?

The Transformational Media Summit is a new initiative bringing together leaders from across the globe to explore the role that media can play in peaceful prosperous living. The summit looks at how various forms of media can help contribute to solving global social, environmental, and economic issues.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey, first female Fellow for the National Geographic Society
  • Stuart Hughes, BBC World Affairs Producer
  • Julie Mollins, Communities Editor, Thomson Reuters Foundation
  • Dara Marks, Hollywood’s #1 rated script consultant (Creative Screenwriting Magazine)
  • Anna Coote, Head of Social Policy at the New Economics Foundation
  • Greg Barrow, Communications and Social Media, UN World Food Programme
  • Jeremy Wickremer, Founder, Ideal Media
  • Gilles Vanderpooten, Editor, Reporters D'Espoirs
  • Tom Evans, creativity guru

The concept for the summit comes from the recognition that only when combined with compassion, creativity and wisdom is new technology and media a force for good. The summit consists of a workshop on leadership, creativity, and storytelling with world experts, followed by a showcase and inspiring speakers on transformational media.

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Twitter: @transformingmed

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