Failures and Losses on the Environment Beat

The Society of Environmental Journalists objects to recent decisions at the New York Times that signal a waning commitment to leadership on environmental coverage. We find it spectacularly shortsighted for media companies to cut staff positions and space for environmental journalism at such a pivotal time for public understanding of serious environmental issues.

It makes little sense to move reporters who have solid expertise in covering controversial, complex, science-based stories off the beat. Such changes cannot have a positive outcome for coverage of stories that are important to public health and the future sustainability of communities, economies and ecosystems.

Some Coverage of the Erosion of the Environmental Beat


The New York Times announced at 5:00 pm ET on Friday, March 1, 2013, that it was ceasing publication of its Green blog on environment and energy. "A  Blog's Adieu," New York Times, March 1, 2013, by "The New York Times."

Andrew C. Revkin, whose Dot Earth blog is still distributed by the New York Times, has aggregated the Twitter streams of Green contributors into a Twitter list, to which you can subscribe here.

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It was announced March 4, 2013, that Juliet Eilperin, the Washington Post's environment reporter, would be moving from the environment beat to cover the White House for the Post's new online political "strike force." Some on the Twittersphere had interpreted the loss of a top reporter as a loss for the environment beat. But Eilperin herself tweeted that she would be holding President Obama to his promises on climate, environment, and energy from her new post. She says the Post will replace her on the beat.

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Twitterstream of Juliet Eilperin, where she provides ample explanation.

"Eilperin Leaving the Green Beat," The Observatory blog (Columbia Journalism Review), March 4, 2013, by Curtis Brainard and Cristine Russell.


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