"Air Trap: Inversions Can Spell Hell for Many in Valley"

"Dawn Morrow is not allowed to go outside. The brown soupy mix hanging over the Grand Valley spells disaster for her lungs, which already are compromised by a rare lung disease with a long name, lymphangioleiomyomatosis."

"Cysts on her lungs, which 'look like Swiss cheese,' she explained, already make breathing a chore. The local photographer who likes to get out and snap pictures of people and landscapes doesn’t dare venture out much lately and risk inhaling the stubborn spike in the area’s air pollution.

'Basically they told me to wear a mask or breathe through a scarf if I go outside,' the 39-year-old Morrow said about instructions from health care workers from whom she receives pulmonary rehabilitation treatment. 'When I drive, I flip the car over to inside air. For the last two weeks, I’ve had to have oxygen on when I sleep.'

It’s true something foul is in the air."

Amy Hamilton reports for the Grand Junction Sentinel January 27, 2013.

Source: Grand Junction Sentinel, 01/28/2013