Anger as Health Officials Give up Hunt for Acreage Cancer Cause

"THE ACREAGE -- Outrage erupted among residents and politicians Wednesday after state health officials announced they don't plan to search for an environmental cause of The Acreage’s cancer cluster -- and instead will mount a campaign to raise 'awareness' about childhood brain cancer.

The announcement came from Dr. Alina Alonso, director of the Palm Beach County Health Department, who noted that brain cancer is thought to be rising across the industrialized world, with potential contributors including cell phones, microwave ovens, artificial sweeteners and genetics.

Alonso said the state’s investigation hasn’t pointed to a cause of the central Palm Beach County community’s elevated levels of childhood brain cancer and brain tumors. And she doubts it will, even after investigators wrap up the second phase of their work in mid-March."

Mitra Malek reports for the Palm Beach Post February 3, 2010.

Source: Palm Beach Post, 02/04/2010