"Boulder Fire Stokes Community Through Social Media"

"Labor Day 2010 will forever be remembered in Boulder as the day the Four Mile Canyon fire  began to burn. Today, two days later, over 7,000 acres and 140 structures (including 9 homes owned by fire fighters) have been consumed by the fire that is still burning.

In a sign of a tech-savvy community, residents immediately began flooding Twitter with the hashtag #boulderfire to share information. This proved to be most helpful as we discovered the failure of the 911 callback system designated to alert people to evacuate their homes. It is rumored that once it was clear that the 911 callback system was not reaching home owners, Twitter became the main way to reach people in the evacuation area quickly."

Brett Greene reports for the Huffington Post September 8, 2010.

Ongoing Boulder Daily Camera fire coverage


Source: Huffington Post, 09/09/2010