Fla. Plan Snake-Hunting Contest in Bid To Control Everglades Pythons

"MIAMI -- The battle to control Burmese pythons in the Everglades has employed an array of tactics to date, including snake-sniffing dogs, GPS-equipped 'Judas' snakes and teams of state-licensed reptile wranglers."

"Florida wildlife managers on Monday announced a new approach: a snake-hunting contest offering cash prizes.

The Python Challenge, scheduled to begin next month, will pay $1,500 for the largest number of snakes and $1,000 for the longest one in two categories. One would include 70 or so licensed python hunters and the other would be open to anyone willing to pay a $25 registration fee, take a half-hour online identification course and - it probably goes without saying - sign a liability waiver."

Curtis Morgan reports for the Miami Herald December 5, 2012.

Source: Miami Herald, 12/07/2012