"Florida's Natural Springs in Crisis"

"Fanning Springs had a lush garden of native underwater plants when the artesian jewel became a state park a little more than a decade ago.

Today, a witch's hairdo of algae dominates Fanning's waters. About 35 miles from Gainesville, the cluster of springs has earned recognition as among the state's most polluted and a prime example of what's killing ecosystems at many of Florida's best-known springs.

Sweeping water legislation aimed in large part at repairing and protecting springs across the state is pending in Tallahassee, marking at least the fifth year in a row of serious attempts to bolster safeguards for one of Florida's environmental treasures. But with just three weeks left in the current legislative session, it is unclear whether this year's bill finally will succeed."

Kevin Spear reports for the Orlando Sentinel April 11, 2010.


Source: Orlando Sentinel, 04/12/2010