"Jimmy Carter Spearheads Final Drive To Eradicate Guinea Worm Disease"

"The world is tantalisingly close to eradicating guinea worm disease, which would make it only the second disease of humans to be wiped from the planet, according to former US president Jimmy Carter."

"Speaking in London alongside World Health Organisation director general Dr Margaret Chan, Carter, who has led the fight against the disease, said that around £60m more was needed to finish the job.

Since the Carter Centre took up the cause in 1986, almost every nation had eradicated the crippling and painful disease, said the former president. "It is likely by the end of this year we will have guinea worm in only one country – the newest one on earth – South Sudan," he added.

In 1995 Carter personally negotiated a six-month ceasefire between northern and southern Sudan, in a successful attempt to reach remote villages where guinea worm larvae infest drinking water, causing immense suffering to some of the poorest men, women and children on earth."

Sarah Boseley reports for the Guardian October 5, 2011.

Source: Guardian, 10/06/2011