"Male Jaguar Sighted in the United States"

"TUCSON -- For the first time since 2009, a jaguar has been found roaming the wilds of southern Arizona. The jaguar was photographed by a hunter on Saturday and confirmed by the Arizona Game and Fish Department to be a roughly 200-pound male in good condition."

"Arizona Game and Fish received the report on Saturday morning from an experienced hunter using dogs to hunt mountain lions. The dogs pursued the animal and treed it 15 feet up in a mesquite tree, and the hunter was able to obtain photographs and video.

After photographing the jaguar, the hunter quickly left the area with his dogs and observed from a distant point. The jaguar remained in the tree for about 15 minutes and then headed south."

Environment News Service had the story November 22, 2011.


Source: ENS, 11/23/2011