Mexico Faces Huge Rebuilding Task After Dozens Die in 2 Freak Storms

"Mexico is looking to the huge task of rebuilding after rare storms struck from east and west at the same time, killing 101 people and destroying homes, schools and roads."

"Officials also started tallying the economic damage in a country where the growth forecast was already lowered drastically in August.

President Enrique Perez Nieto cancelled plans to travel to New York for the UN General Assembly next week and will instead stay in the disaster area to help coordinate relief efforts over the weekend."

AFP had the story September 22, 2013.


"Eleven Die in Veracruz as Mexico Storms Kill at Least 97" (Bloomberg)

"Teams Dig in Mud, Rain for Dead in Mexico Slide" (AP)

"Mexico To Revise 2014 Budget After Storms, Death Toll Around 115" (Reuters)

Source: AFP, 09/23/2013