"Nashville Flood Victims in Poorer Areas Wonder How They'll Recover"

"As Nashville's Cumberland River continued to recede Wednesday, Mayor Karl Dean estimated the damage from weekend flooding could easily top $1 billion. The flooding and weekend storms killed at least 29 people in three states.

The flooding caused by record-busting rains of more than 13 inches in two days sent water rushing through hundreds of homes, forcing thousands to evacuate -- some by boat and canoe -- affecting both rich and poor in this metropolitan area of about 11 million.

In [47-year-old custodian Troy] Meneese's neighborhood, some residents and community members said they felt neglected, especially compared to the attention they believed country music attractions and more affluent neighborhoods were receiving."

Sheila Burke and Travis Loller report for the Associated Press May 5, 2010.

Source: AP, 05/06/2010