"Oklahoma Earthquakes Linked To Injection Wells"

"HOUSTON -- Oklahoma's largest-recorded earthquake was triggered by injection wells used by the oil and gas industry, according to a report released this week."

"The Tuesday report in the geoscience journal Geology is the latest scientific evidence suggesting injection wells may be causing an uptick in earthquakes nationwide. However, the report was viewed skeptically by Oklahoma's official seismologist.

The report's lead author, University of Oklahoma seismologist Katie Keranen, focused on a series of earthquakes in November 2011 near Prague, Okla., including a 5.7-magnitude temblor on Nov. 6, the largest recorded in state history. The quake destroyed 14 homes, buckled pavement and was felt in 17 states, according to the report. Prague lies near a fault line and oil fields where injection wells have been used for decades."

Molly Hennessy-Fiske reports for the Los Angeles Times March 27, 2013.


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Source: LA Times, 03/28/2013