"Pittsburgh Water: Expensive, Rust-Colored, Corrosive"

"In many American cities, finding elevated lead levels in drinking water is enough to spark serious concern. But in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where many residents are delivered expensive, rust-colored and corrosive water, it’s just one of many of complaints.

On just one street, a pregnant 19-year-old and a Vietnam veteran said they no longer drink the tap water. A grandmother said she buys bottled water when she can, but other times boils the water, which can concentrate lead. ...

For months, residents of this Rust Belt city have complained of intermittent brown water, of main breaks, and concerns about high lead levels. But even as alarmed residents raised health concerns, the city water authority ratcheted up the cost of water, issued inaccurate water bills and maintains that the water is safe."

Jessica Glenza reports for the Guardian September 12, 2016.

Source: Guardian, 09/12/2016