WHO Warns Of 'Worrying Trends' In Disease Spread In Gaza"

"GENEVA — The Gaza Strip faces an increased risk of disease spreading due to Israeli air bombardments that have disrupted the health system, access to clean water and caused people to crowd in shelters, the World Health Organisation warned on Wednesday (Nov 8).

"As deaths and injuries in Gaza continue to rise due to intensified hostilities, intense overcrowding and disrupted health, water, and sanitation systems pose an added danger: the rapid spread of infectious diseases," WHO said.

"Some worrying trends are already emerging."

It said that the lack of fuel in the densely populated enclave had caused desalination plants to shut down, which increased the risk of bacterial infections like diarrhoea spreading."

Asia One had the story November 8, 2023.


"Risk Of Disease Spread Soars In Gaza As Health Facilities, Water And Sanitation Systems Disrupted" (WHO)

Source: Asia One, 11/09/2023