"Winter Storm Brings 'Once-In-Decade' Ice, Snow To U.S. South"

"A rare blast of snow, sleet and ice hit the U.S. South on Tuesday, prompting five states to declare a state of emergency, closing the New Orleans airport and causing chaos on roads for drivers unaccustomed to the dangerously slick conditions."

"The southern cold snap is part of an arctic front that has put much of the Northeast and northern Plains under warnings and advisories for severe wind chills. Temperatures in parts of those regions could feel as cold as minus 30 Fahrenheit (minus 34 Celsius) on Tuesday, the National Weather Service said.

Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina each declared a state of emergency, telling motorists to stay off the roads."

Kathy Finn reports for Reuters January 29,2014.


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Source: Reuters, 01/29/2014