Environmental Books by SEJ Members (2010)

Are you an SEJ member who's authored, co-authored or edited a non-fiction or fiction environmental book (published in 2010) you'd like included on this page? Movies are also welcome. Please send the following to web content manager Cindy MacDonald:

  1. a one-paragraph description
  2. name of publisher and year of publication
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Green Morality: Mankind's Role in Environmental Responsibility

By Edward Flattau

Cover of Green Morality

Green Morality is a journalist's polemic exploring human beings' ethical relationship with the world around them. The main message of the book is that we have a moral obligation to future generations to leave the planet in as good or better shape than we found it. And the way to achieve that objective is to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. Author Edward Flattau draws heavily from his column writing which he's been at since 1972. The Way Things Are Publications, 2010. ISBN 10:0-9821419-2-0. More information.



How To Boil a Frog

By Jon Cooksey

Poster of How To Boil a Frog

"How To Boil a Frog" is a comedic documentary about the consequences of planetary overshoot, and what we can do personally to save civilization. Fools Bay Entertainment, 2010. More information.





Inside the Outbreaks: The Elite Medical Detectives of the Epidemic Intelligence Service

By Mark Pendergrast

Cover of Inside the Outbreaks

Inside the Outbreaks is a history of the Epidemic Intelligence Service, whose shoeleather epidemiologists are the front-line disease detectives of the CDC. The EIS has investigated every disease imaginable, from polio and malaria to AIDS and Ebola. As Lawrence Altman has written in the New York Times: "Since its creation in 1951, the Epidemic Intelligence Service has become a bulwark in the nation's defense system against disease, often acting as the public's emergency room. Its doctors have helped identify Legionnaires' disease, Lyme disease, and toxic shock syndrome from superabsorbent tampons; stop outbreaks of diphtheria and other diseases before they could spread uncontrollably; discover the deadly Ebola and Lassa viruses; and trace paralyzing cases of polio to defective batches of the Salk vaccine. Other E.I.S. investigations have led the Food and Drug Administration to remove potentially lethal products from the market. Indeed, the E.I.S. 'may have saved your life, though you were probably unaware of it,' Mark Pendergrast writes in his new book, Inside the Outbreaks, the first history of the program.” Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010. ISBN 978-0-15-101120-9. More information.


Saved by the Sea: A Love Story with Fish

By David Helvarg

Cover of Saved by the Sea

From visiting BP Deepwater platforms in the Gulf of Mexico to bodysurfing Central American War Zones, diving Australia's Great Barrier Reef with his tragically fated love Nancy or being bumped by a whale off Antarctica, Helvarg has lived a life often as endangered as the ocean he now works to protect. Saved by the Sea is the story of this long-time journalist's personal love loss and redemption in the free flowing heart of our blue marble planet. "In David Helvarg's remarkable life as a journalist and activist, his love of the sea has provided him both a cause to fight for and a cure for his ill. Saved by the Sea will help you understand why Helvarg continues to fight for the oceans, and why we all need to," says actor and ocean advocate Ted Danson. St. Martin's Press, 2010. ISBN 978-0-312-56706-4.




Human Scale

By Kitty Beer

Cover of Human Scale

Kitty Beer's new novel, Human Scale, is coming out in April in honor of Earth Day. It's a sequel to What Love Can't Do (2006), the first novel to portray the human consequences of climate change. Boston is mostly under water, seasons have gone haywire, and regional enclaves compete for essential resources. Vita battles to save her daughter from the decrees of the ruling theocracy. At the same time she must confront her husband’s allegiance to authority, and struggle with her attraction to an enigmatic spy. A fully realized, compelling world, conveyed with powerful, lyrical imagery and deep psychological insight. Plain View Press, 2010. ISBN 978-1-935514-42-8. More information. Related information.