Online Harassment Field Manual

In response to the growing threat that online hate and harassment pose to free expression, PEN America developed a comprehensive digital toolkit, the "Online Harassment Field Manual," to equip writers and journalists, as well as their allies and employers, with strategies and resources to defend themselves.

Based on extensive research and interviews with writers, journalists, technology experts, editors, newsrooms, and advocacy groups, the Field Manual covers:

  • Information about what online harassment is and the many forms it takes
  • Step-by-step guides for enhancing cybersecurity
  • Ideas for leveraging supportive online communities to combat online harassment
  • Approaches to counter speech
  • Information about online harassment and the law
  • Best practices for employers and allies of writers and journalists for providing support
  • Tips for practicing wellness and self-care
  • First-hand accounts from writers and journalists who have experienced online harassment

Please share the field manual as you see fit and don't hesitate to reach out to PEN America at

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