SEJ Member Spotlight: Christopher Weber

Christopher Weber is a young environmental journalist who’s building a freelance career. A work-at-home dad, he lives on the South Side of Chicago. This historic, diverse place inspires a lot of Chris’ stories, from policy (he lives a few blocks from the Obamas) to food (he grew 40 pounds of tomatoes in his community garden plot). His most recent research explores the city’s ample supply of vacant land and how individuals and groups are imagining the future of this land.

Chris has contributed to the Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Grist, New Scientist, OnEarth, Mental Floss, In These Times, and E Magazine, among other publications. In 2009, as a Middlebury Fellow in Environmental Journalism, he reported on the environmental legacy of the recovering auto industry.

SEJ’s programs have helped Chris develop his skills. He received a grant in the Winter 2011 cycle of the Fund for Environmental Journalism to complete a national survey of urban farms. His favorite discoveries were the urban farmers raising unconventional products like crayfish, kimchi, and perfume.

Chris welcomes tips, suggestions, and collaborations. You can find an online portfolio of his work at or follow him via Twitter, @cwjournalist.

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