Lizzie Grossman Grants for Environmental Health Reporting

Lizzie Grossman

The "Lizzie" Grant is named for Elizabeth Grossman, a longtime SEJ member. Lizzie was elected to the board in 2014. She devoted her career to uncovering environmental health issues while tirelessly advocating for freelancers until her untimely death in July 2017.

The grant(s) will provide funding, up to $5,000 per grantee, to help cover travel and expenses related to sustained coverage of a particular topic in environmental health. It will be offered under the Fund for Environmental Journalism.

Grant announcement: "SEJ Launches Grant for Environmental Health Reporting," October 2, 2017.

For any questions about the fund, contact SEJ at


2024 U.S. Clean Energy Transition

Victoria Estrada Vidal, "The Carbon Capture Rush in California’s Central Valley"
Yessenia Funes, "Carbon Capture May Save the Planet. Louisiana's Historic Black Communities Will Pay the Price."
Joan Meiners, "Power Play: A Rural Community Fights Back Against Neighborhood Pollution From a New Gas-Fired Power Plant out in the Arizona Desert, Where Solar Would Thrive"


2022 U.S. Public Lands Competition

Jimmy Tobias, "A Poisoned Land: Tar Creek, the Superfund Program and the Rise of the Rights of Nature" (partially funded by the "Lizzie" Grant)
Duy Linh Tu, "Along the Chesapeake" (partially funded by the "Lizzie" Grant)


2021 Environmental Health and Justice in the U.S. Competition

Yvette Cabrera, "Toxic Trails"
Claire Caulfield and Ku'u Kauanoe, "Oahu's Dumping Ground"
Lee Chilcote, "Ask The Land Environmental Reporting Initiative"
Emily Holden and Sara Sneath: "Drained: How the Energy Industry Is Siphoning Away Louisiana's Precious Water Resources"
Diana Kruzman, "Up In Smoke: The Public Health Impacts of Wood-Burning Stoves"
Yanick Rice Lamb, "Unintended Consequences: The Rubber Industry's Lingering Health Impact Amid COVID-19"


2020 Rapid Response Grants

Rebecca Bowe, Chris Roberts and Michael Stoll, "Exposed: The Legacy of Radiation at Hunters Point"
Valerie Brown, "Why Oregon DEQ Recently Hit a Columbia Gorge Aluminum Recycler With Largest-Ever Air Toxins Fine in Oregon and What It Means for the Columbia River Basin Environment"
Steve Cowan, "Single-Use Planet"
Audrey Henderson, "Promoting Green Spaces in Three Chicago Neighborhoods"
Nina Ignaczak, "Planet Detroit Environmental Health Reporting Project"
Amy Martin, "Threshold Conversations"
Lynne Peeples, "Troubled Waters: An Urgent Look at Drinking Water Contamination Across the U.S."
Claire Marie Porter, "Dirtier Water"
Yereth Rosen, "Warmer and Sicker: Climate Change and Zoonotic Diseases in Alaska"


2019-2020 Public Lands Competition

Wudan Yan, "The Uranium Widows"


2018-2019 Drinking Water and Stormwater Competition

Christine Woodside, "The View From the Pipes at 205 Bostwick Avenue"


2018 Inaugural "Lizzie" Grant Competition

Sarah Craig, "Underground Poison"
Lindsey Konkel, "A Family Affair"
Elizabeth McGowan, "Beyond Lip Service"
Mc Nelly Torres for "Puerto Rico's History With Contaminated Water and the Environmental Crisis After Hurricane Maria"
Lee van der Voo, "Climate and Youth"