New York Times and Times-Picayune: Coastal Reporting Partnership

"The Times-Picayune and The New York Times have begun a partnership that will explore the causes and potentially catastrophic effects of coastal erosion and sea level rise along the Louisiana coast.

The reporting collaboration will combine the resources of two environmental reporting initiatives announced earlier this year: The Times-Picayune's Louisiana coastal reporting team, made possible in part by the Fund for Environmental Journalism, a grant-making program of the Society of Environmental Journalists; and The New York Times' climate team, which focuses visual, explanatory and investigative journalism on the calamities caused by climate change around the world." 

SEJ's Fund for Environmental Journalism builds capacity for independent coverage through FEJ story grants and position grants to journalists and news organizations.'s coastal desk grant was made possible by an SEJ grant from the Walton Family Foundation. SEJ invites new gifts and grants underwriting new FEJ projects and opportunities. Contact: Beth Parke (