Non-Member Protocol for SEJ Annual Conferences

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Here's how SEJ organizes its annual conference, and how non-members can get involved.

First, we don't accept proposals from non-members. The conference is organized "by journalists, for journalists" and we're hardline about that.

But, there are generally three main ways for non-members to get their voices into the conference mix:

  1. October 2021 or earlier, have an SEJ member friend or acquaintance propose the sessions for you (that's more than just forwarding them on, but rather the member must agree to oversee the organizing of the session and moderating it, i.e., basically calling the proposal their own).
  2. After sessions have been chosen (tours and panels) and are up on the web, probably in November/December 2021, check it carefully and then give me a phone call to suggest specific speakers for specific sessions we have on the agenda, and I'll vet them to let you know if I think you've got a fit, and then send you on to the journalist organizer.
  3. Purchase an exhibitor table and/or an independent hospitality reception and/or ad space at the conference and showcase your research or products or expertise as you see best. For details, contact

Jay Letto
Conference Director
Society of Environmental Journalists
509-493-4428 (West Coast)