Policy on Paid Advertising in SEJ Publications

Society of Environmental Journalists' Policy on Paid Advertising in SEJ Publications

Please see Financial Policies of the Society of Environmental Journalists for SEJ Board policy on acceptable sources of revenue for the organization.

Earned income is defined as fees received for services offered by SEJ, including paid placement of advertising:

  • tile ads on www.sej.org
  • display SEJournal Online (hyperlinks included)
  • display ads in the program agenda booklet of the annual conference
  • exhibits at the annual conference

The Society of Environmental Journalists maintains a distinct separation between advertising content and editorial content. Advertisers receive no benefits or services beyond placement of their display ad. All advertising content is clearly labeled and distinguishable from editorial content. Paid advertisements in SEJ publications do not reflect the views and choices of SEJ members, board of directors, editors or other SEJ personnel.

SEJ accepts paid advertising from any source, including commercial interests, government agencies, and advocacy groups that members may be covering.

SEJ reserves the right to decline any advertisement it is offered.  SEJ will reject advertising that is fraudulent, illegal, contains hate speech, personal attack or fails to comply with standards of decency.  SEJ will not accept advertising that promotes political candidates or specific legislation.

Paid advertising within any SEJ publication does not constitute or imply SEJ endorsement of the advertised company, organization or product.

Paid advertising within an SEJ publication does not constitute sponsorship of that publication or any SEJ program.