Got Gulf Experts? SEJ's Daily Glob Can Help

September 1, 2010

Scores of environmental reporters are still covering aspects of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill — and the science can sometimes be as murky as the Gulf waters themselves. The good news is that there are many scientific and academic researchers around the Gulf (and elsewhere) who can shed light on key questions.

The Daily Glob — SEJ's online spill-response activity — has just compiled a list of most of the important Gulf-related research institutes, academic programs, and labs working on marine science, gulf ecology, oil spill response and recovery, coastal ecosystems, wetlands, and other pertinent subjects. The list is hot-linked, so you can visit a great many research institutions in a very short time. SEJ plans to improve the list in the future with features like subject indexing and annotation.

Visit the list here. Send suggested additions or improvements to

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