SEJournal Spring 1994, Vol. 4 No. 1

May 15, 1994
Spring 1994.jpg

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SEJ News

SEJ President Jim Detjen offers to look at judging the Meeman environmental reporting contest

SEJ regional update

Chlorine program set


Veteran reporter Bob Wyss turns teacher for a semester, learns as much as he impacts

A Midwestern writer sees to reconcile the destruction and promise of nature in the region

Reporters get sloppy with numbers at their own peril

Online Bits & Bytes

The first installment of a column on computer resources


Cover Story Package

A look at different perspectives on the issues of “environmental justice,” including a point-counterpoint style Viewpoints column

Reporters’ Toolbox

A review of agencies and groups dealing with pesticides

Book Shelf

Mini book reviews

Science Survey

A new column on science issues debuts with a look at EPA

Green Beat

Contact list of Green Beat correspondents, by state

State-by-state news roundup of major stories

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