SEJournal Summer 2004, Vol. 14 No. 1

August 15, 2004
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Cover: Covering Waster: Ask Basic Questions.  Can You Drink It?  Can You Swim In it?
 by Robert McClure

Inside Story: Proving a Neighborhood is Polluted and Dangerous
 by Mike Dunne


Stay Tuned to Key Federal Actions Coming on Oceans
 by Dan Fagin

Stop"Eco- Speak"  Before Your Readers Sleep
 by Rex Springston

Check With Webster's: Toxins Are Poisons Made by Organisms
 by Janet Raloff

Looking For Truth  in the New Climate-Change Movie

President's Report: Trophies, Checks and Balances: Inside SEJ Awards
 by Dan Fagin


Viewpoint: Whom Do We Believe? A Scientist's Advice on Assessing the Science
 by C. Richard Chappell

SEJ  News

SEJ WatchDog project Tracks First Amendment Threats
 by Joseph A. Davis

Media on the Move: Hot, Hotter Books, Fresh Eyes, Prizes and Some Career Moves
 by Elizabeth McCarthy

Pittsburgh Promises Stars, Elections and More
 by Dan Hopey

Reporter's Toolbox: Making Numbers Real: Or, How Do I  Show How Little 12 Parts Per Billion is?
 by Janet Connaughey

Science Survery: Nanotechnology: Tiny Things Raise Big Issues
 by Pat Phibbs

The Beat: Lead in DC Drinking Water and Other Water Issues
 by Mike Dunne

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