SEJournal Winter 1993, Vol. 3 No. 1

February 15, 1993

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SEJ News

SEJ President Jim Detjen take a look at environmental racism and diversity issues

It’s Duke for ’93 meeting

Complete coverage of SEJ’s conference in Ann Arbor

SEJ Forum is operational

Cover Story Package

Veteran reporters take a look ahead and back at Bill Clinton’s environmental record, what to expect from Congress and which issues reporters should watch







David Ropeik reviews The Environmental Reporting Forum’s new handbook

Ralph Haurwitz and Bob Anderson take you along to Eastern Europe on an EHC seminar


Fred L. Smith Jr. of CEI suggests a look at “untold stories”

Reporters’ Toolbox

Russ Clemmings on endangered species coverage


Meetings, symposia and conventions through May

Green Beat

Contact list of Green Beat correspondents, by state

A state-by-state roundup of dominant issues, exceptional reporting, and developments in academic programs and newsrooms

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