SEJournal Winter 2003-04, Vol. 13 No. 3

February 15, 2004
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Cover: Interviewing Scientists: Finding and Building a Stable of Science Sources
 by Robin Mejia

Inside Story: Doing Investigations While Covering the Beat Pays Off
 by Mike Dunne

Environment of  TV: Tips On Getting More Play and Airtime
 by Scott Miller

Front-Line Sources Key to  National EPA Probe
 by Chris Bowman

Journalist-Scientists Workshops Improve Science Communications
 by Bud Ward

President's Report: SEJ Strengthens Links to Academia and Students
 by Dan Fagin



SEJ News

SEJ Finds Canadian Journalists Swimming Upstream
 by Peter Fairley

Conference Report: The Risks and Benefits of Reporting on Risk
 by Robert McClure

SEJ Fellows Enjoy and Add To Conference Experience
 by Amy Simmons

Celebrating SEJ Staff
 by Beth Parke

Media on the Move: Beasts, Mushrooms, 'zines, New Projects and Awards
 by Elizabeth McCarthy

MSU Students Form New Environmental Journalism Association
 by Jim Detjen

Reporter's Toolbox: Chemicals in Common Foam Raise New Concerns and Threats
 by Robert McClure

Online Bits & Bytes: Using Databases to Pinpoint Water Pollution Sources
 by Brad Heath

Research News Roundup

A Modern-Day Rachel Carson? War Zones, Wildlife and More
 by Jan Knight

Western Dailies Neglect Key Issues
 by IJNR

Environment Reporters of the South: Just One Third of Beat Reporters Are Full Time, Study Finds
 by Kris Wilson

The Beat: Regional Pollution and the Politics Behind It
 by Mike Dunne

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