Problems with EPA Press Office? Try Calling Public Affairs Director

May 8, 2013

SEJ members have complained a lot over many years about difficulties getting information and interviews from US EPA. SEJ officers and FOI watchdogs have talked to EPA about the problems for a long time, too. Here's a new suggestion for cutting through the fog: call the public affairs director.

Each EPA regional office has its own public affairs director, and they can be contacted via the numbers and emails in the list below. If a regular call to a line press officer brings poor results, try explaining your problem to the boss:

Region 1:    Nancy Grantham (PAD)   (617) 918-1101
Region 2:    Bonnie Bellow (PAD)    (212) 637-3659
Region 3:    Terri White (Acting PAD)   (215) 814-5523
Region 4:    Larry Lincoln (PAD)   (404) 562-8304
Region 5:    Elissa Speizman (PAD)   (312) 353-2073
Region 6:    David Gray (PAD)   (214) 665-8120
Region 7:    Rich Hood (PAD)   (913) 551-7906
Region 8:    Paula Smith (PAD)   (303) 312-6630
Region 9:    Kelly Zito (PAD)   (415) 947-4306
  Region 10:    Marianne Holsman (PAD)   (206) 553-1237


You can find further information about press contacts for EPA here.

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